Wild John Part I

One of the hardest things to manage while being an online dater is remembering which details belong to which guy. It was rare that I actively dated more than three guys at once but, even then, trying to remember who had a masters degree and who had never been to college, who had five siblings and who had none, who had a shrimp allergy and who couldn’t eat peanuts – it was not an easy thing to keep all of these things straight. After some time, I did manage to hone the skill fairly well but even I was challenged when I ended up dating three men named ‘John’ at the same time. I was forced to come up with nicknames for each so that I could keep track of them in my head. John #1 became ‘Wild John’ and he lived up to that moniker and then some.

I got an email from Wild John after he saw me looking at his profile. Match.com has a fun feature that will let you see who has perused your profile. This is both fun and incredibly frustrating all at once. If I want to check someone out, I want to be able to do anonymously and not while knowing that the guy knows that I looked at it. The whole thing makes me feel like I am in junior high again. The next step is to pass a man a note that says “Do you like me? Circle yes or no.” Either way – Wild John saw that I had glanced at him and took the first step and sent me an email.

Wild John sparked my interest right from the start although he was a tad older than the typical guy I would go for. He could be the first man I dated that was in his 40’s! Exciting! He was witty, political and I could tell that he had actually read my profile, which wasn’t always the case. I am pretty into politics and Wild John informed me that he had to cut his email short to go knock on doors for Obama. It crossed my mind that he was perhaps, oh, maybe, making that part up to get on my good side but I asked him about it later and he seemed to legitimately be politically involved. Impressive. We exchanged a couple of emails back and forth and Wild John asked if he could give me a call. Even though I told him that I worked during the week, he insisted on calling me on my lunch break the next day. Charming? Perhaps. A tad too insistent? Quite possibly.

As far as phone conversations go, I have to say that my first one with Wild John was one of the better that I have had. He had a great voice, there were no awkward pauses and he gave me a good laugh a number of times. He seemed to also be a veteran of sorts in the dating wars. I found myself telling him about the guy who had emailed me earlier that day who had a Hummer and promised to just park his beast around the corner so I wouldn’t see it. When Wild John asked if he could buy me a drink at his neighborhood bar, I was very interested and agreed to the sharing of a beverage a couple of days later. Just before we hung up, though, Wild John said he wanted to email me a picture of his car. I am sorry – his car? I was a little taken aback but, hell, what could it hurt? But it was strange, very strange.

I got back to the office and, sure enough, Wild John had sent me photos of his beloved Corvette. Well, at least it wasn’t a Hummer and it wasn’t a Camaro.  There was that. I wrote back that his ride was smokin’ (what was I supposed to say about a car???) and confirmed our rendezvous spot. On the day that we met, I showed up at the bar before Wild John and waited for his arrival. It was dimly lit which is what I am giving as the reason I didn’t quite notice, at first, how…old Wild John was. He arrived a couple of minutes after I did and I was pleasantly, very pleasantly, surprised. He had already told me that he was a large percentage Italian which explained the tall, dark and handsome. Ok, ok – (over) 40, wasn’t so bad after all.

I have said before that I like a little bit of cockiness and a lack of it did not seem to be a problem for Wild John. He started off our conversation with a pretty bad joke (a rabbi and priest walked into a bar…), which normally wouldn’t make me swoon, but he carried it off with aplomb. After the lame attempt at being funny, the conversation got a little less cheesy and I actually started enjoying myself. Over a couple of Mai Tai’s, Wild John revealed himself to be into scuba diving, pharmaceutical sales and not owning a television. He was also funny, sharp and really, really flirtatious. Not two hours later (I am going to blame the Mai Tai’s), he was somehow sitting next to me, holding my hand and I was agreeing to go take a ride in his Corvette. I am not proud. I guess I have a thing for older, adventurous Italian men. In what turned out to be the first of many bad decisions involving Wild John, smooth-talking and dangerous vehicles, I agreed to go for a ride in his little, black Corvette.

The Wild John adventure will continue in Part II…


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